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Involving parents

Information for parents is shared and can be accessed in several different ways:

Notices & Communications Monthly Newsletter

All of the team contribute to a newsletter for parents. This contains information about what has been happening, what is planned for the near future, recipes and information about any new legislation.

Parents Information

We have plenty of information about The Early Years Foundation Stage and what it means. The key points are on the office door and includes opinions about our nursery from parents, children, staff and other agencies. There are is also important posters and notices displayed throughout the nursery giving links to OfSTED and Child Protection Services.

Who is who?

We have a photo display board in our entrance hallway so that you can easily identify our staff team. There is also a photo display board outside each of the playrooms so that the children know which room they belong in and who their key person is.

Suggestions and Comments

Parents are encouraged to tell us what they like, dislike or suggest for our nursery. We take all feedback seriously and immediately address any important issues.

For Parents & Families

Informal Chats

When parents drop off their child a member of staff will be available to discuss how they are and any significant events that have happened at home. This could include a family member who may be visiting or if he/she has slept badly or feeling a little unwell. Somebody will also be available at the end of the day to feedback to you how he or she has eaten, describe their experiences, who they have played with and share any significant developments or anecdotes.

Parent Consultations

We aim to have a parent consultation evening every year, this is an opportunity to discuss children's progress in detail with their parents and carers. There is the chance to come and have a look around, talk to staff, see the facilities and look at some of the displays and resources that the children use. This is especially important to other family members who infrequently deliver or collect their child from nursery.

Parents of 2 year olds have an additional opportunity to meet with their child's key carer to discuss the 2 year old progress check. These meetings are held throughout the year as close as possible the child's 2nd birthday.

Family Events

From time to time we may offer family events such as Christmas story time. Information will be given to everyone when an event is organised.

Shared Learning

We are constantly trying to improve our service and facilities so that children have increasingly more positive experiences. We place emphasis on developing children's communication and language skills whereby we provided information to parents on how language develops, introduce a music genre of the week and reduce children's use of dummies by having a dummy fairy look after all the dummies during the day. We also provide a a book borrowing service to encourage shared book reading opportunities at home. Children of all ages love sharing books, it is a fantastic language rich experience as well as providing quality bonding time.


Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures are available for everyone to view, there is a hard copy in the nursery office as well as online.


All our staff are here to ensure that your child(ren) is/are getting the best possible care and that the needs of our parents are being addressed, with this in mind we are constantly trying to improve and extend the services that we provide for the children we care for and their parents. In order for us to deliver in the best way we can it is essential that we determine what our parents and children require or prefer. Occasionally we provide questionnaires to parents looking at specific areas that we feel may need improvement; the findings are then used to inform our changes and improvements.

Confidential Information

If you would like to share any confidential information please let a member of staff know and arrangements will be made to provide you with the opportunity, otherwise you can tell the member of management staff on duty and they will ensure that the relevant people are made aware of the information. If we have something confidential to share with you we will make similar arrangements at a time to suit you.