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Our curriculum is based on the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage, with positive characteristics taken from the Montessori method of learning combined with our own challenging curriculum. At all times, we will ensure that our children are engaged, motivated and thinking critically by providing open ended resources which help build our children’s thirst for challenge, discovery and adventure. As part of our curriculum we act out festival stories, have amazing parties where we let our children engage in baking and cooking using skills such measuring, weighing, pouring, spooning and mixing. We also get our children to help those less fortunate than themselves by giving opportunities to support various charities.

Our mornings are often filled with music, singing, dancing, sports and other fun activities including imaginative puppet shows. Also, we teach our children the use simple words in various languages including Spanish, French, Mandarin and Ivrit.

Additionally, we use Montessori materials and activities to encourage independence. The children learn self-independence and gain a sense of responsibility as they grow. The children’s personal hygiene is encouraged and developed and we teach them the reasons why it is necessary.

We adhere to the guidelines set out by the EYFS absolutely, and are regulated by the same authorities as every other setting. We deliver the EYFS curriculum in full and are able to offer a broad and meaningful base of knowledge to all children in our care.

The document in the link below is a fantastic resource for understanding the principles and expectations behind the EYFS.

Click here to download EYFS developmental matter